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10 Things Boomers Loved Before The Advent of Smartphones Changed Everything


The advent of smartphones has undoubtedly transformed the way we live, communicate, and experience the world around us. For baby boomers, who grew up in an era before the digital revolution, life was marked by a different set of pleasures and pastimes. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and explore 10 things that boomers loved before smartphones changed everything.

  1. Vinyl Records and Turntables

Long before playlists and streaming services, baby boomers cherished the rich sound of vinyl records playing on turntables. The ritual of carefully selecting and placing a record on the turntable was an experience that engaged multiple senses, creating a deeper connection to the music.

  1. Rotary Dial Phones

The familiar sound of a rotary dial clicking into place and the patience required to dial a phone number digit by digit are etched in the memories of baby boomers. Communicating via landline phones was a deliberate and often intimate process.

  1. Drive-In Theaters

Friday nights were often spent at the local drive-in theater, where families and friends could enjoy a double feature from the comfort of their cars. The drive-in experience was a social event that combined entertainment with the novelty of outdoor movie watching.

  1. Polaroid Cameras

Capturing a moment in time was an event in itself with Polaroid cameras. Boomers enjoyed the instant gratification of watching their photos develop before their eyes, creating tangible memories without the need for digital filters or editing apps.

  1. Saturday Morning Cartoons

Saturday mornings were a sacred time for boomers, who eagerly tuned in to watch their favorite cartoons on television. The anticipation of a new episode, coupled with the joy of a sugary cereal breakfast, made for a cherished childhood ritual.

  1. Handwritten Letters

Before the era of emails and instant messaging, boomers maintained long-distance relationships through handwritten letters. The art of penning heartfelt messages and the anticipation of receiving a letter in the mail created a unique connection that is often missed in today’s fast-paced digital communication.

  1. Typewriters

The clacking sound of typewriter keys and the rhythmic movement of the carriage return are iconic symbols of an era when writing was a tactile experience. Boomers fondly remember the satisfaction of completing a document without the convenience of backspace and autocorrect.

  1. Family Game Nights

Board games, card games, and puzzles were staples of family game nights. Boomers relished the friendly competition and camaraderie that these analog games brought, creating lasting memories that go beyond virtual victories.

  1. Physical Photo Albums

Creating and flipping through photo albums was a cherished pastime for boomers. The tangible nature of printed photographs allowed them to revisit and share memories without the need for a digital screen.

  1. Record Stores and Bookshops

Browsing through record stores and bookshops was a leisure activity that boomers enjoyed. The tactile experience of flipping through vinyl records or smelling the pages of a new book was an integral part of the joy of discovery.


While smartphones have undoubtedly brought convenience and innovation to our lives, there’s a unique charm to the pre-digital era that boomers hold dear. Navigating life without the constant presence of screens, baby boomers cultivated a set of experiences and memories that continue to shape their perspectives today. As we celebrate the technological advancements of the present, it’s essential to reflect on the simple pleasures that made growing up in the pre-smartphone era so special.

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