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How Fast Do Bed Bugs Spread?

How Fast Do Bed Bugs Spread

How Fast Do Bed Bugs Spread: It’s true that bed bugs have been around for a very long time.They found bed bugs that had been fossilised while digging at a site in Egypt that is 3,550 years old.They’ve also been used in many works of literature over the years. Philosopher Pliny wrote that bed bugs could heal ear infections, snake bites, and other illnesses, even though they have always been seen as a bother.

They don’t have healing powers, but they are tough and hard to treat. Bug killers that used to be able to get rid of 90% of bed bugs have changed in ways that make them immune to them.Every person who has been bitten by a bed bug wants to know how fast the bugs can spread.Read on to learn how to get rid of bed bugs before they spread even more.

How Fast Do Bed Bugs Spread?

What Are Bed Bugs?

Have you ever been told to “sleep tight”? “Be careful, the bed bugs might bite.”As a child, you think it’s funny to say that. But if you ever get bitten by a bed bug, you’ll know that they are real and not a joke.Bed bugs are small, dark insects that look like ovals. They get their food from the blood of people or animals, or sometimes from both.

Their bodies are flat and about the size of an apple seed when they are adults. In contrast, after they eat, their bodies turn red and grow with blood.They can’t fly, but they can move very quickly on walls, floors, and ceilings.

How Fast Do Bed Bugs Spread?

Nymphs are the name for bed bugs that are still young. They shed their skin five times before they are fully grown, and each time they do, they need to eat blood.They can fully grow in as little as one month and have three or more generations in a year.

It only takes one pregnant woman for your home to get infected. Females only lay a few hundred eggs in their whole lives, but they cover each one with a sticky substance that makes it hard for the egg to move.The eggs hatch in 6 to 10 days, and the young bed bugs (nymphs) start feeding on blood as soon as they hatch.

Plus, they can live in cold places. One month between meals is fine for babies, and up to six months is fine for people.This means that bed bugs could live in a house for about six months without eating. If people live there, the invasion could last forever.These pests have been in your home for 4 to 8 months, which is called “established.”Following that, you’ll be able to find a lot of faeces spots and most likely a lot of bed bugs that are full.

It can take anywhere from 6 months to a year for a heavy population to form. If the conditions are right, the population will grow very quickly, and they can take over a whole house. Because of this, it’s very important to get rid of the bugs as soon as you notice them.

 Where Do They Live?

Most of the time, bed bugs live near where people sleep. Most of them live less than 8 feet away from that person or animal.Bed bugs often live in beds, but they can also get into and live in many other parts of a house, such as

  • In furniture and drawers
  • Within baseboards
  • Behind headboards or on bed frames
  • In the ceiling and wall cracks
  • On pillows
  • In piles of clothes on the floor
  • In drapes and curtains
  • In boxes, luggage, or other bags
  • In electrical outlets
  • In clock radios, fans, and other electronics
  • In picture frames and other wall art
  • Between carpets and walls

You won’t even know that bed bugs are living on almost anything.

How Fast Do Bed Bugs Spread?

When Do They Bite?

Bed bugs are most likely to be busy at night or when it is dark. Additionally, there have been times when people were sucked into dark places like movie theatres or the store Hollister while they were there.Their long beaks are used to cut the skin and draw blood out. They eat every three to ten minutes until they’re full, and then they sneak off without being seen.

It’s likely that they won’t even feel when they bite. They bite and feed while injecting saliva that has an anaesthetic and a blood thinner in it so that your blood can flow easily.Most of the time, they bite the parts of the body that are the most exposed and aren’t hidden by clothes.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms?

At first, it might not be clear if you have bed bugs or not. But the signs will become more clear as they grow, and you’ll start to itch and wonder.If you think you might have bed bugs in your home, here are some signs:

  • Bites that are red and itchy
  • Marks on the shoulders and arms
  • A musty smell
  • Nights that are uncomfortable and itchy
  • Your bed has blood on it.

If any of these things happen to you, you should start checking your house. Check under the mattress, especially where the ends are coiled. Keep an eye out for reddish-brown spots of blood and faeces.

Look for skins that have been shed and smell for a musty smell.Check all of the places we already talked about, like behind frames and along baseboards, where bed bugs live and hide.

How Can You Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

A lot of people find it hard to get rid of bed bugs. Also, they are very resistant to chemical poisons.That’s why a lot of spray companies have to come back more than once to get rid of bed bugs for good.Also, more eco-friendly and safe goods are coming out on the market. Who wants to fill their homes with dangerous chemicals that don’t work?

Killing bed bugs with heat is becoming more popular because people who have had them before want to get rid of them for good.Bed bugs will die at every stage of their lives if you use heat to get rid of them. It only takes one treatment.It is impossible for bed bugs to live in air that is 120 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.Without using dangerous drugs, heat can get into every space where bed bugs hide.

Don’t Wait to Heat Your Bed Bugs Away

How quickly do they get around? “Too fast!” is the answer.If you’ve seen any of these creepy crawlies around your home or on your body, get rid of them right away. If you don’t, they’ll keep breeding.Take a deep breath and know that you will have many nights of sleep without being bitten by bugs. Contact us today or get a free price.

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