3 Zodiac Signs Who Find the Most  Success on Dating Apps 


Cancers wear their hearts on their sleeves on screen, which some may regard as a good sign. “Their profiles are like an emotional rollercoaster ride, taking you through the depths of their hearts,” adds Bell. 

If their bio and prompt responses don't convince you, their photos may. “[Cancers’] profile pictures will tug at your heartstrings, capturing tender moments and genuine expressions,” adds the astrologer.


Leos are good at attracting attention on dating apps and in person. “Leos’ profiles are an invitation to a grand adventure, promising excitement and fun,” Bell says.

Leos are one of the most photogenic signs, so their profile images will show off their “dazzling smile” and attractive attitude. Leos thrive on dating apps—no surprise!


Virgos can't make anything less than perfect, and that includes profiles on relationship apps. The earth sign's "eye for balance and aesthetics" helps them make a profile that is both striking and easy to remember.

Bell says, “Their photos are thoughtfully framed, capturing the perfect symmetry and creating a harmonious visual experience.” Whether it's a well-placed prop, a carefully planned colour palette, or a clever use of perspective, Virgos can make their images stand out.”

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