6 Simple Ways to Lose Weight After 50

Learn to enjoy strength training 

Although aerobics is popular for weight loss, strength training is equally vital, especially for older folks.Sarcopenia—muscle loss—occurs with age. Losing muscle mass around 50 slows metabolism and might cause weight gain.

Healthy diet and exercise can be difficult to start on your own. Partnering with a friend, coworker, or family member may help you keep to your plan and reach your wellness goals.

Team up 

Burning more calories than you eat is key to losing fat. Being more active during the day helps you lose weight.Sitting at work all day may hinder weight loss. Simply getting up from your desk and walking for five minutes every hour can help you stay active at work.

Sit less and move more 

Eating enough high-quality protein helps you lose weight and reverse age-related muscle loss. After 20, your resting metabolic rate (RMR) drops 1–2% per decade. This is linked to muscle atrophy with age.

Bump up your protein intake 

Finding a weight-loss and nutrient-rich diet is challenging.A licenced dietician can help you lose weight without a restrictive diet. Dietitians can also help you lose weight.

Talk to a dietitian 

Numerous studies have shown that those who cook and eat more at home eat healthier and weigh less.Cooking at home lets you control what goes in and what doesn't. It also enables you try unusual, healthful ingredients you like.

Cook more at home 

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