6 Tips for  How to  Find  Success in  Life 

Build a Growth Mindset 

The fixed mindset and the growth mindset are two main ways of thinking that affect how people see themselves and their skills, according to research by psychologist Carol Dweck.

Improve Your Emotional Intelligence 

Some academics feel emotional intelligence may be more important than overall IQ in determining success. Emotional intelligence is understanding, using, and reasoning with emotions.

Develop Mental Toughne

Mental toughness is the ability to persevere despite setbacks. Mentally strong people see obstacles as opportunities. They believe they control their fate, are confident in their talents, and are determined to succeed.

Strengthen Your Willpower 

Psychologists monitored a group of exceptionally clever children identified by their instructors in a long-term research. After comparing how these participants did in childhood and maturity.

Focus on Intrinsic Motivations 

What inspires you most? The promise of external rewards or internal, intrinsic motivators keeps you motivated? Money, honours, and recognition can encourage people, but many find that personal fulfilment motivates them more.

Set Achievable Goals 

Successful people know to start with achievable goals. These goals may be difficult to achieve, but having them will help you move forward and overcome hurdles.

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