6 Zodiac Signs That Overthink Everything


Mercury-ruled Virgos are known for overthinking everything. From little to large life decisions, Virgos analyse and scrutinise every aspect, often falling into overanalysis. 


Geminis, Mercury-ruled air signs, overthink everything. Their mind constantly runs over alternatives and scenarios. Overactive Geminis often struggle to find peace due to their ability to switch ideas easily. 


Scorpios, passionate Zodiac signs, overthink everything. Mental unrest can result from their continual analysis and dissection of their thoughts. Scorpios overthink even the simplest interactions because they need to understand people's motives and hidden meanings. 


The twelfth zodiac sign, Pisces, overthinks everything. They obsess over every scenario and get lost in ideas and feelings. Transition words, such “moreover” and “additionally,” provide information and improve writing flow. 


Cancerians tend to overthink everything. They overthink everything, frequently to exhaustion. Cancer's mind races from notion to thought. This water sign overthinks due to its emotions. 


Earth sign Capricorn is known for overthinking everything. People born under this zodiac sign naturally think deeply. Capricorns easily switch between thoughts, getting lost in their heads. 

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