7 Benefits  of Red  Light  Therapy 

Reduces Muscle Pain and Inflammation

Red light treatment may stimulate, repair, and rebuild muscle tissue, according to a review of studies. Studies suggest that red light administered to muscles before or after exercise improves sports performance.

Rejuvenates Skin

Red light therapy may improve skin texture and appearance. Red light therapy reduced fine lines, wrinkles, skin roughness, and collagen density in 136 persons. Researchers found red light therapy safely treats skin tissue with great patient satisfaction. 

Improves Acne

Studies suggest red light treatment may improve acne. Red light therapy decreases inflammation and boosts keratinocyte turnover, the most common skin cell in our top layer.

May Reduce Body Fat In Some Area

Laser and red light therapy devices are used for body contouring to remove arm, buttock, thigh, and abdominal fat. However, clinical results are inconsistent, with some trials revealing significant changes and others not. 

Improves Symptoms of Androgenic Alopecia

Red light therapy may also help androgenic alopecia patients.A meta-analysis of 11 research with 667 participants indicated red light therapy enhanced hair density and thickness with little negative effects. 

Assists in Wound Healing

Many research have explored red light therapy's wound healing properties. One evaluation of four research on 131 diabetic foot ulcer patients revealed red light therapy to be effective with no notable negative effects.

May Treat Traumatic Brain Injury and Other Brain Disorder

Red light therapy is researched for traumatic brain injury and other brain problems. After scalp application of red and near-infrared light, chronic, mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) patients reported better sleep and fewer PTSD symptoms.

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