7 Benefits  of  Strength Training 

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Being physically active is important because having a lot of body fat makes you more likely to get heart disease. Strength training can help your heart by getting rid of the extra fat that makes hormones and proteins that cause heart trouble.

Improved Mental Health

Like the well-known "runner's high," worry and anxiety can be relieved naturally by strength training and lifting weights. When you work out, your body releases endorphins, which send messages to your brain that make you feel better.

Stronger Bones

Did you know that pulling weights can help keep your bones healthy? Long-term lifting can help make your bones stronger and your muscles and ligaments stronger. As a result, you'll lower your chances of getting osteoporosis and getting hurt.

Improved Joint Flexibility

To do strength training, you need to be able to move through your whole range of motion (ROM). Of course, the more time you give your joints to get used to the different moves and pulls, the more mobility and flexibility you'll notice over time.

Lower Body Fat

Of course, power training helps you build muscle, but what you'll really notice is that you lose body fat. Getting stronger while you train burns calories and speeds up your metabolism at rest, so you burn calories all day, even when you're just sitting.

Improved Body Image

Strength training is a test of what the body can do, not how it looks. It makes you feel good about your appearance because it gives you a sense of success.

Reduces Risk of Chronic Disease

Strength training reduces chronic illness symptoms. It speeds blood sugar elimination, improving insulin sensitivity. This is very helpful in preventing type 2 diabetes. Weightlifting reduces bad cholesterol and raises good.

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