Benefits  of  Yoga 

Increased strength and flexibility 

You will notice the change in the first class. You'll be surprised at how much more your body can do at the end of class than at the start as you slowly warm up and then strengthen your poses.

Resilience to stress 

By lowering inflammation and modulating the body's overreaction to stress, yoga is a healthy technique to manage stress. Regular yoga practise reduces anxiety and improves well-being.

Feeling of inner peace 

Yoga is meditation in motion, not just exercise. The activity helps you focus on your breath and body, forgetting everything else before you entered the studio. After class, you'll feel calmer and see your problem differently.

Better body image 

Yoga teaches you to look within, accept without judgment, and not compare yourself to others. Throughout class, your teacher will urge you to listen to your body, ignore what others are doing, and choose the best decision for you.

Better sleep 

The majority of Australians lack proper sleep. People having trouble sleeping wake up frequently or feel unrefreshed in the morning. Yoga solves sleep issues without side effects. Yoga improves sleep for around 55% of practitioners.

Back pain relief 

Because we don't move around much, back pain or discomfort is very typical. Researchers have found that yoga can help with back pain just as well as physical therapy, and it doesn't have any of the side effects that drugs do.

Increased brain power 

Doing yoga for just twenty minutes will help you remember things, concentrate better, and learn new things faster. Think about how much more you could learn and make if you did yoga every day or every week.

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