7 Essential Kitchen Tools You Should Have 

Microplane Grater

I use my Microplane most often to zest lemon, which brightens up almost anything, or grate Parmesan cheese, which I typically make pasta and need a lot of. Other uses include grating ginger and garlic. 

Half-Sheet Pans

Who has time to spend an hour cooking dinner on weeknights? The sheet pan is my go-to tool for whipping up dinner quickly. Put your protein and veggies on this pan, bake it, and dinner is ready in 30 minutes. 

Miyabi Petty/Utility Knife

Sometimes you need a knife larger than a paring knife but smaller than a chef's knife. Restaurant cooks enjoy the tiny knife for its versatility. I use it for 70% of my cutting and get precise slices every time. 

Sansaire Sous-Vide Machine

After trying sous vide, you never go back (right?), and Sansaire's easy-to-store and use model convinced me. It's the secret to perfectly cooked food without a culinary degree. 

Cast-Iron Skillet

Many recipes call for cast iron. This skillet is great for searing steaks, roasts, caramelizing veggies, and frying gluten-free poultry. I make hash with this on Sundays for a quick breakfast. I adore baking huge cookies and corn bread with it. 

Miniature Spatula

Baby spatulas are the perfect independence tool. They're perfect for popping smoothie drops from a single-serving blender, fluffing eggs, mixing mug cake batter, and more. 

Victorinox Rosewood Boning Knife

You won't realize how much you need a boning knife until you get one. Thin, flexible, and razor sharp, this guy makes delicate jobs like segmenting oranges or disassembling a roast chicken easy without seeming silly.

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