7  High  Carb  Foods 

Soft pretzel

Even though they taste great, soft pretzels are not very good for you because they are mostly carbs. There are 80 grams of carbs in a medium-sized soft pretzel. One serve gives you 27% of the daily recommended amount of carbs.

Processed sugary cereal

Because it has a lot of sugar, a bowl of cereal is likely high in bad carbs like processed grains and sugar. A bowl of cereal in the morning may not seem bad, but it is high in sugar and bad for you. Whole-grain grains are full of healthy nutrients.

Canned fruit

One serving of peaches in syrup from a can has 9% of the daily suggested amount of carbohydrates. A better snack than this one with added sugar would be fresh fruit or fruit in a can with 100% juice.


There are a little less than 30 grams of carbohydrates in a single chocolate-frosted doughnut, despite the fact that doughnuts are a popular breakfast food.


One soda glass has 26 grams of carbohydrates. While that may not seem like much, soda is one of the most prevalent sources of empty calories, so carbs and sugars can build up rapidly. People who drink soda are less inclined to eat healthful carbs, studies reveal.

Potato chips and corn chips

Either way, you should know that both potato chips and corn chips have about 15 grams of carbs each. Additionally, chips have a lot of salt and saturated fats.

Gummy candy

With only ten little gummy bears, you can get 22 grams of carbohydrates. During nibbling, treats such as gummy bears can quickly add up to a significant amount of calories, and they have almost little nutritious benefit.

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