7 Natural Remedies for Menopause Relief 

Ease hot flashes with black cohosh

The North American Menopause Society says black cohosh helps reduce hot flashes in some women, although studies show mixed outcomes. Black cohosh supplements may cause liver problems, so see your doctor before taking them.

with soy

Ask your doctor about soy supplements, which have been shown to lessen hot flashes. Harvard Medical School revealed that soy's daidzein transforms to equol in the gut. Equol reduces menopause symptoms by mimicking estrogen. 


Hypnosis may reduce hot flashes and enhance sleep, according to randomized clinical trials. One pilot trial indicated that hypnosis cut women's hot flashes in half and lowered their severity. 

Protect your bones with calcium

The Endocrine Society reports that bone loss accelerates after menopause and beyond, increasing a woman's risk of osteoporosis. Focusing on food can prevent brittle bones.

Reduce depression with soothing music

 tiny Turkish study indicated that calming classical music lowered depression in menopausal women, suggesting it could be a non-drug therapy. Women in the study who listened to music 18 times over six weeks had significantly lower depression scores than a control group that didn't.

Use lemon balm for a slew of woes

A study of multiple research indicated that this mint plant can aid menopausal women with sleep, anxiety, and GI issues. The lovely aroma of lemon balm essential oil is refreshing and calming.

Try deep breathing to help you relax

Stress has several health risks, including worsening menopausal symptoms. So it seems reasonable to reduce its body impact. Consider progressive muscular relaxation and deep breathing: 

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