7 Surprising Peach Uses and Benefits for Health 

Peaches Promote Healing

Beware of peaches' small size and sensitive skin. One medium peach provides 11% of your daily vitamin C. This vitamin boosts immunity and heals wounds. It also removes “free radicals”—chemicals that destroy cells and are linked to cancer.

Help Your Eyesight

Peaches are golden-orange because to beta-carotene. Its digestion produces vitamin A, which is essential for vision. It helps your immune system and other body parts function properly.

Keep Digestion Running Smoothly

One medium peach provides 6% to 9% of your daily fiber. Diabetes, heart disease, and colorectal cancer can be prevented by eating high-fiber meals. You may see the biggest benefit in the bathroom: Fiber prevents constipation.

Help You Stay a Healthy Weight

Peaches have less than 60 calories and no saturated fats, cholesterol, or salt. More than 85% of peaches are water. Plus, fiber-rich meals fill you up. It takes longer to feel hungry after eating them.

Get Your Vitamin E

Peaches contain vitamin E, but nuts and seeds are better recognized. Many bodily cells need this antioxidant. It also boosts immunity and widens blood arteries to prevent clots.

Keep Your Bones Healthy

A high-salt diet can be balanced with potassium. It may reduce blood pressure, renal stones, and bone loss. You need 4,700 mg of potassium daily, and food is preferable than supplements.

Go Easy on Your Gut

A snack of canned peaches may help gastrointestinal issues. Soft and easy to digest, they have less fiber than fresh fruit. A "gastrointestinal soft diet" includes canned peaches to calm an upset stomach and reduce diarrhea and gas.

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