7 Yoga  Stretches to Help in  Your Recovery from Sick 


Every time we're sick, we like to stay in bed all day. Once you feel better and are ready to move your body again, this gentle spine warm-up can really help get the blood and other fluids moving.

Child’s Pose Variation

The best yoga pose for recovering from illness is Child's Pose.From all fours, place blocks at their lowest height under your hands.Put your toes together and let your hips rest over your heels.

Downward Facing Dog

You alone will know how yoga for sickness recovery feels. If you have sinus or headache concerns, going upside down may not feel well.This pose should only be done once your symptoms have subsided. 

Half Sun Salutation

Again, only you can decide whether yoga feels right for disease recovery. Half Sun Salutations may re-energize you, but if going up and down upsets you, omit them.

Seated Wide-Legged Forward Fold

These gentle forward folds can relieve bodily aches and tension.Sit on your mat facing its long edge. Sitting on a block, cushion, or blanket may raise your hips.Stretch your legs into a broad V at the mat corners. You may want to kneel.

Low Lunge to Lizard Pose

If you are sick and want to get better through yoga, you might also want to focus on hip openers like Low Lunge and Lizard Pose.Get back on all fours.Move your right foot forward between your hands.

Butterfly Pose

For this form of Butterfly that you can do, get your yoga block again.Sit down on your mat again. choice to raise your hips.Bring the soles of your feet together and spread your knees wide, making a diamond shape.

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