8 Best  Belly Fat Burning Foods


If you've been wanting a trim waistline for years, stock up on flaxseed! Flaxseed is a wonderful belly fat burner and skincare guru and influencer favourite for its many beauty advantages. 


Took a vow to lose that pot belly fast? Definitely try oats! Muesli, a breakfast staple, reduces belly obesity. Oats decrease glucose production and affect calorie intake due to their resistant fibres. 


If you want to lose belly fat, try broccoli, cauliflower's relative. Broccoli, high in vitamin C and calcium, reduces visceral fat.  It contains sulforaphane and other phytochemicals that trim the waist and reduce belly fat.

Greek Yoghurt

If you want a Greek god bod, stock up on this tasty probiotic snack. Plain greek yoghurt has high protein, calcium, and vitamins that reduce belly fat. This “food of the gods” has twice the protein of conventional curd of yoghurt, making it ideal for losing belly fat.


Whoever says weight reduction programmes are boring has never had quinoa salad! Quinoa's low glycemic index and fibre and protein increase metabolism and reduce waistlines. This gluten-free cereal, a grain star, is perfect for weight loss and wellness.

Egg White

Fit fanatics swear by this for a reason. Egg whites are superior than whole eggs because they have 100% protein and less calories, helping you lose waistline. Egg whites are a great weight-loss food that boosts metabolism and builds muscle and heart health.


Wondering what foods burn abdominal fat? Fat seafood like salmon can replace red meat. To lose belly fat, eat salmon, one of the greatest providers of omega-3 fatty acids. High vitamin D levels in salmon modulate appetite hormones and burn visceral fat.


This grain is one of the best foods that burn belly fat if you want to lose weight around your middle. Barley is a whole grain that is high in soluble fibre. Like oats, it is immune to starch and slows down digestion.

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