Benefits of drinking lukewarm water in morning

 Overcoming colds in the morning

Runny nose and stuffy nose might be relieved by warm water. Mucus passes faster in warm water, relieving cold symptoms. Due to morning esophageal mucus buildup, the warm temperature also relieves throat pain.

 Weight loss

Warm water in the morning boosts metabolism and fat burning throughout the day. Hot water also cleanses the intestines and eliminates waste that causes flatulence and extra water.

Smooth digestive tract

Constipation and abdominal pain arise from waste in the intestines caused by digestive system problems. Drinking warm water helps the intestines contract and eliminate faster. Drinking warm water also stimulates digestion. 

 Toxins detoxification in the body

One good thing about warm water for health is that it can find toxins. It's easier to sweat when we drink warm water because it raises our body temperature and turns on our hormonal system.

Helps overcome abdominal pain during menstruation

Drinking warm water during menstruation helps relieve stomach ache. Many women have abdominal pain on the first day of menstruation. These issues can be treated by drinking water. Because warm water reduces pain.

Good for sensitive teeth and cavitie

Cold water is harmful to sensitive teeth and cavities, so it's not suggested. Cold water may damage dental fillings. Safe and comfortable warm water is recommended for sensitive teeth.

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