Best Drinks For  Weight  Loss 


Kinda dull, huh? Slow down. Berkow says reducing weight requires water. Weight loss and health depend on being hydrated, she says. "Water is needed for metabolism, circulation, energy, digestion, and every function in your body."

Green Tea

A 2019 British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology study indicated that green tea extract lowers weight, BMI, and body fat. “That's not to suggest there are no benefits in drinking green tea itself,” adds Stanford Health Care's Katherine Donelan, RD


“When done right, smoothies can help you lose weight, but they must be filling enough to replace a meal or snack,” says Berkow. “You should also remember they will not keep you as full as solid food, so don't overdo fruits and sugars.”

Herbal Tea

“People love herbal teas for a bit of flavour and a non-caffeinated midday break,” adds Berkow. Different types of tea have different benefits: Lavender and chamomile teas calm, while peppermint tea aids digestion. Low-calorie and hydrating are further benefits.

Green Juice

Berkow warns that green juice has vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants but not fibre, so you should be careful what you drink. However, green juice can be refreshing and hydrating during dieting.


Berkow is glad coffee is expert-approved. “Black coffee is ideal because it has no calories and caffeine can speed your metabolism,” she says. (This metabolic increase won't produce weight loss alone.)

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