Best Foods For Weight Loss And Muscle Gain

Kidney Bean

Rajma, kidney beans, are high in protein, carbs, and fibre. Best part? It has nearly as much protein as meat without calories or saturated fat. Psst! Want the finest rajma match? Join the rajma chawal club with steaming steamed rice.

Greek Yogurt

The protein in this creamier yoghurt is doubled. To thicken, the whey (lower carbohydrates and sugar) is filtered off. Add sliced apples, berries, and nuts to curb hunger. Avoid sweetened Greek yoghurt to cut calories.


Raw broccoli has 90% water, 7% carbohydrates, 3% protein, and very no fat. Bored of raw broccoli? Use these flower heads in a stir-fry, creamy soup, or salad to acquire protein without the taste buds suffering. Win-win. 


Quinoa is a protein-rich super grain for vegetarians and vegans. For a protein, fibre, and mineral-rich meal, these little yellow pods with a nutty flavour can replace rice. Did we mention no other plant source provides full protein? I hope vegans are taking note.


You'll be glad to know your favourite bar snacks made the list. Peanuts, sometimes known as monkey nuts, are high in protein, vitamins B and E, and minerals. If popping peanuts isn't your thing, try peanut butter spread for breakfast.


Your favourite creamy and crumbly paneer is the answer to your search for delicious Indian food with a good protein-to-fat ratio. Paneer, a protein-rich Indian meal, is ideal for vegetarian muscle gain. 

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