Best Weight Loss Drinks That Won’t  Add Extra Calories


Water is a great weight-loss alternative. Kristin Gillespie RD, a trained nutrition support clinician at Option Care Health, says it's calorie-free and filling, preventing overeating.A 2019 research indicated that drinking more water led to 5.15% weight loss. 

Green tea

Gillespie believes catechins and caffeine in green tea may increase metabolism. Research suggests that caffeine may aid in fat burning and enhance resting calorie expenditure.

Black tea

Black tea, like green tea, contains antioxidants, polyphenols, that lower obesity risk. A 2018 review indicated that tea polyphenols lower fat and sugar absorption, reducing calorie consumption and promoting weight loss.


Up to 61 probiotic microorganisms are in kefir. Erin Kenney, RD, CEO of Nutrition Rewired, claims probiotics lower weight and belly fat by affecting insulin resistance, inflammation, and fat storage.

Protein shake

Weight loss has been shown using whey, soy, egg white, casein, and pea protein powders. Because protein shakes keep you full longer and require more energy to digest, you burn more calories. 

Black coffee

Coffee reduces hunger and calorie intake during the day and increases resting calorie burn. In overweight adults, drinking four cups of coffee a day for 24 weeks reduced body fat by 4%, according to a small 2020 study.

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