Best  Zodiac  Signs for Bedtime 


Dreamy Neptune rules this sign, so it's not a wonder that they can easily escape from real life every night and have a hard time leaving their candy-colored fantasy world in the morning.


Like most things in their lives, Capricorn treats sleep like a competition. They know exactly how many rounds of REM sleep they need to get in order to wake up feeling refreshed.


Cancerians are night animals that are ruled by the moon. They can fall asleep peacefully when they feel loved and cared for by a loved one or a cosy throw pillow.


It's easy for Taureans to get ready for bed at night, even on nights when they don't want to sleep. There is a white noise machine, a massage candle, and a bedsheet with a million thread counts.


Libras like things to be just right, so they're usually ready to send a good night text with just the right number of emojis, check in with their journal, and turn off from reality at a reasonable hour to let their dreams take over.


You know how hard it is to live when everyone tells you their deepest secrets. Even though they might try to fight it, the mental tiredness from holding the fort on the group chat usually gets the best of a Scorpio, and they fall asleep every night.

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