Bratz Dolls for Each Zodiac Sign Influenced Gen Z Fashion 


Meygan enjoys friendly competition and brings the latest board games to Bratz Pack slumber parties! Meygan likes to dress casually to be ready for anything. Her friends call her “Funky Fashion Monkey” since she looks nice even when hanging out!


Kumi (aka “Lucky Bug”) is a world traveller who enjoys luxury. She shops in Parisian boutiques around 1pm on Wednesdays because she is that girl. Kumi, a Taurus, loves luxurious textiles, beautiful scents, and exquisite food. 


Cloe is active, playful, and somewhat dramatic. Some days she's soft girl gorgeous, other days she's motorbike chic. Her Gemini nature shows when she is overwhelmed by curiosity and enthusiasm, but her friends always ground her.


Like Cancers, Yasmin is emotionally sensitive! Despite being bashful, she will always fight for what's right and empathise. Yasmin always looks put-together in bohemian outfits in earth-tone colours and great materials.


Sasha (aka “Bunny Boo”) is the life of the party, bringing music, energy, and eye-catching attire. She will defend her pals at all costs. Sasha loves all kinds of music, but hip hop influences her streetwear style.


Her friends call Nevra “Queen B” because she is kind but assertive! Stylish and dance-ready with silver highlights, she loves fashion! Her girlfriend Roxxi's impulsivity balances her meticulous tendencies.

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