dogs  based on zodiac  signs 


Could it be that opposites attract in this situation? The American Bulldog, who is known for his laid-back demeanour, is one of the most preferred dog breeds for extroverted and active Aries.


The calm, generous, and persistent Taurus is the ideal companion for the lively Chihuahua because of both of their boundless amounts of energy.


It really shouldn't come as a surprise that the sign of the twins is associated with two of the most popular dog breeds.


A caring and cuddly Shih Tzu will become the new best friend of a nurturing and compassionate Cancer. Cancers are known for their compassion.


The Leo, characterised by its confidence and protective nature, is often found in close companionship with a pit bull.


Virgos, known for their loyalty and kindness, are likely to establish a strong bond with a golden retriever, a breed renowned for its eagerness to please.

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