How Long  You Should  Rest Between Sets? 

Rest Time: 30 second

High reps and minimum rest are best for muscular endurance. You should teach your muscles to quickly eliminate waste and restore fuel and your cardiorespiratory system to efficiently circulate oxygen-rich blood. 

Research suggests resting 30 seconds between sets to attain these goals. HIIT and circuit training require even less rest time—only enough to transition between exercises per round.

Rest Time: 3 to 5 minute

Heavy lifting, six reps per set, and three to five minutes of rest per session are the textbook recommendations for optimal strength increases. Power training is comparable but lighter to develop rep explosiveness.

The reason is: To maximize force between sets, your muscles should recover entirely. Your greatest muscle fibers, type II, will be targeted. Growth potential is highest for these fibers.

Rest Time: 1 to 3 minute

Resting one minute between 8–12 reps is the standard prescription for hypertrophy.However, current study suggests that three minutes may be ideal. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research published a short study that found that.

They found that males who rested three minutes between sets had more strength and hypertrophy. However, every body is different, so explore to find your ideal rest period.


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