When done correctly, the incline bicep curl strengthens and grows the biceps brachii, the largest muscle in the biceps.An exercise bench and dumbbells are needed for this activity. Choose a dumbbell that's light and suitable for your fitness level. 

Step 1 

Aim to maintain a solid back position while you are seated against the workout bench in a straight position. Tension should be applied to the abdominal muscles, and a supinated grip should be used to hold a dumbbell in each hand at your sides.

Step 2 

Start by putting your feet on the ground and lifting the dumbbells together toward your chest. Keep your arms tight and clenched while you lift the dumbbells so that you can focus on the bicep brachii muscles.

Step 3 

Repetition of the exercise is required once the dumbbells have been progressively lowered back to their starting position. It is also possible to perform this exercise with one arm at a time in order to work on both of the biceps in a separate manner.

Step 4 

In order to avoid putting unnecessary strain on your arms and shoulders, you should make sure that you do not lower the dumbbells too quickly.

Step 5 

Perform the workout a minimum of 10 repetitions for three sets.At a minimum, perform the exercise ten times before moving on to the next set.

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