Keep Cookies Soft

An airtight container with a slice of store-bought white bread keeps cookies and other baked goods moist. Cakes, cookies, and muffins stay soft as new. Family and friends will assume they're new! 

Craft DIY Mason Jar Shaker

Your baking and bulk spices got a cute makeover. Save parmesan shaker lids and gather small mason jars. Sprinkling and measuring are easy with the lid on. You can make many of your favorite spice blends at home. Hi, taco seasoning.

Slice Steak Frie

Want your favorite restaurant's homemade potato wedges? The solution is in your kitchen drawer. Push an apple slicer through the potato after cutting one end for support. Use your favorite seasonings or our Parmesan Potato Wedges recipe. Bonus:

Freeze a Soup Starter 

Want garden-fresh flavor year-round? During peak season, freeze farmers market vegetables in bags. Remember this step before freezing! The standard soup beginning mirepoix is 2/3 onion, 1/3 carrot, and 1/3 celery. 

Use Sheet Pans as Tray

Sheet pans aren't only for dinner! Stay organized while food prepping with your trusty baking sheet. Organizing ingredients speeds up cleanup and efficiency. Psst! Food prep doesn't have to be boring with these culinary school secrets.

Put Your Lazy Susan to Work

Put your icings, sugars, and sprinkles on your lazy Susan next time you bake. This tip makes decorating enjoyable and organized without digging through the cabinet back. Excited to bake? These cooking gadgets are ideal for cookie decorating.

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