Lose  Weight Around Menopause 

Exercise More Often, More Intensely to Counter Midlife Weight Gain

To lose menopausal weight, start with moderate and rigorous exercise. Swimming, walking, bicycling, and running should be part of your workout, along with resistance training. Dr. Peeke advises doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT). 

It’s Better to Stand Than Sit, if and When You Can

The formula is simple: More movement burns more calories. One low-effort method? Peeke advises “Stay as vertical as possible throughout the day.” Besides burning more calories, that can prevent other health issues. 

Watch Your Carbohydrate Intake

Not all nutrients are the same, and some experts believe a diet high in processed carbs like pasta and bread causes belly fat. “Dr. Boling says carbs are the enemy of middle-aged women. If you're perimenopausal, watch your sugar intake. 

Shrink Belly Fat With Tai Chi

Tai chi, a Chinese practice of low-impact meditation motions connected to breathing, may help middle-aged and older adults lose weight, according to Hong Kong studies. 

Keep Portions in Check and Consider Your Eating Pattern

Menopause slows your metabolism, according to study, burning a couple hundred less calories every day. “Extra weight can very quickly add up if you don't reduce the number of calories you consume,” says Chicago nutritionist Christine Palumbo, RD.

Select Healthy Fats and Eat Healthy Meals to Avoid Weight Gain

Fat improves taste and is healthful. Fortunately, eliminating it from your diet isn't essential or encouraged. Palumbo suggests becoming more selective. Consider walnuts instead of Whoppers.

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