Lucky Colors Based On  Your Zodiac Sign 


Aries are passionate and forceful. Red and bright orange and yellow are lucky for Aries. These colours inspire Aries' desire and courage. Aries people can boost their confidence and leadership by wearing or using red.


Earth sign Taurus is stable, reliable, and sensual. Green and earthy colours are Taurus lucky. Green represents abundance, progress, and peace. 


Air sign Gemini is versatile, curious, and quick-witted. Yellow and light blue are lucky for Gemini. Blue improves communication and intellect, whereas yellow stimulates, clarifies, and creates.


Water sign Cancer is perceptive, nurturing, and sensitive. White, silver, and pale blue are Cancer lucky colours. Silver symbolises intuition and feminine energy, while white denotes purity, clarity, and emotional healing.


Charming, confident Leos are natural leaders. Gold, orange, and deep red are lucky for Leo. Gold represents richness, success, and self-expression, while orange represents creativity and passion. 


Earth signs like Virgo are practical, analytical, and detail-oriented. Navy blue and earthy tones are Virgo lucky. Navy blue symbolises intelligence, logic, and order, while earthy colours ground and stabilise.

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