Marriage Compatibility for Zodiac Signs 

Taurus and Scorpio 

Truly, Taurus and Scorpio share a lifelong friendship. The two lusty zodiac signs provide love and sex. Scorpio is jovial and Taurus serious. This disparity enhances their friendship.

Cancer is sensual and cheerful, while Capricorn is realistic. They balance each other this way. Cancers prefer long-term relationships due to their introversion. Cancer and Capricorn may feel like they've chosen each other before meeting.

Cancer and Capricorn 

Prideful Sagittarius. These people are happy and fit into any setting. Aries presents ‘multiple situations’. They are trained to show Sagittarius what they want. Aries will share anything—sex, honesty, even the last pizza slice. 

Aries and Sagittarius

Two zodiac jungle air signs excite each other in many ways. Gemini and Aquarius can read each other's feelings without words. Geminis are terrific friends but shy in relationships. They are wary of commitment and take time to accept someone. 

Gemini and Aquarius

Aries scores. Apart from Sagittarius, Aries can marry Leo. However, this connection may start with a fight. Leos are unapologetic and Aries, the first, proud. Both love, fight, and repeat.

Leo and Aries

Taurus instructs Virgo. Taurus spoil sensual Virgos by revealing their intimacy. Liberated Virgos are freaks in bed. Virgo is also wary of others. Taurus, without attempting, makes them feel unique and protected. 

Virgo and Taurus

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