Most Dangerous Thing About Each Zodiac Sign 


People who are close to an Aries should be very careful around their anger. They have sudden reactions that hurt those around them, and sometimes they act so quickly that they later regret it.


Their pride can really get in the way. This could lead to fights and arguments. Besides that, they are very bossy and will do anything to get what they want.


Geminis have a hard time keeping things in the right place. Their relationships can fall apart because they are so disorganized and unstable. A Gemini is usually not someone you can count on.


Cancerian mood swings are harmful. When angry, they'll overreact and strike you with venomous remarks. If they find out you insulted them, you'll disappear from their lives.


They may stoop very low sometimes. They might be with you even if they don't like you because they think you will help them in the future. They try not to show how nervous and needy they are, but the way they act when they want attention says it all.


The mastermind mentality that they possess can at times be very frightening. To such an extent that if they ever decide to commit a crime, it will most likely be the ideal crime for them to commit.

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