Never disregard these heart attack warning symptoms 

Chest discomfort

Heart attacks are most often characterized by chest pain. This feels like tightness, pressure, or squeezing in the center or left side of the chest. It may last a few minutes or fluctuate.

Upper body pain

Heart attack symptoms may spread to the upper body. Pain can spread to the arms (typically the left), back, neck, jaw, or stomach. They may simply have throat soreness that worsens with exercise or walking and improves with rest.

Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath may indicate a heart attack. This symptom can occur at rest or during exercise without chest pain. Breathing problems when walking or sleeping are serious heart symptoms. Having trouble breathing may indicate a heart attack.

Nausea and indigestion

Heart attack victims may feel nauseated or indigestion-like. Women have more of these symptoms. If you have inexplicable nausea or indigestion-like pain, especially with other heart attack symptoms, get medical assistance immediately.

Profuse sweating

Unexplained or profuse sweating with cold, clammy skin may indicate a heart attack. This symptom is common among men. Do not ignore a sudden, heavy sweat.

Fatigue and weakness

Feeling fatigued, weak, or exhausted, especially at rest or with little physical activity, may indicate a heart attack. If you experience unusual lethargy or weakness, consider a cardiac event.

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