Should You Do Cardio Before or After You Lift Weights? 

Most people don't have hours to spend at the gym, so they want to workout efficiently. Using your 30 minutes correctly will help you gain results, especially with a slow progression regimen. 

To make the most of your time, you should often do both running and strength training at the same time. But should you do exercise first or after lifting weights? You can make up your mind with the help of some important things.

Exercise order studies for weight loss is inconsistent. Small studies imply that weightlifting before cardio may burn more fat. Strength training is less beneficial than exercise for weight loss, according to study. Combining the two is optimal for weight loss maintenance. 

The ideal approach is to start with your fitness objectives' most important workout. Thus, you may operate at your best without fatigue.For broad goals like keeping active or increasing health, exercise order is less crucial. 

A short, low-intensity cardio warm-up is necessary regardless of order. Dynamic 5- to 10-minute warm-ups develop muscles for workout. That could involve walking on a treadmill, utilizing a low-intensity elliptical, or riding a stationary bike slowly. 

Danny King, CPT, a trainer at Life Time, a U.S. and Canadian fitness club franchise, says exercise before weights improves endurance. “The only time I really recommend doing cardio first is if there is some type of cardio performance goal.

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