Side Effects Of Overeating Eggs: Here Is Why You Shouldn't Eat Eggs 

Overeating Eggs Can Harm Your Heart Health

There is a lot of fat in eggs. About 180 mg of cholesterol can be found in one egg. It is suggested that you eat one or two eggs every day. Your body may make more cholesterol if you eat more than two eggs every day. 

If your cholesterol level goes up, you're more likely to have a heart attack, a stroke, or even a heart blockage. Heart diseases are more likely to happen to people who eat a lot of eggs.

Overeating Eggs Can Lead To Indigestion

Our expert said eating too many eggs can cause indigestion. Eggs' high protein content takes time to digest. Eating too many eggs can upset your digestion. 

Overeating Eggs Causes Bloating

Eggs are heated and protein-rich. Egg digestion produces a lot of heat. Egg overconsumption causes stomach cramps, bloating, nausea, gas, and vomiting. On egg days, watch your water intake to avoid this.

Overeating Eggs Can Make You Gain Weight

People think eggs help them lose weight because of their protein content. Eggs can help you lose weight, but eating too many can destroy your diet. Eggs are high in fat and might cause weight gain if eaten in excess.

Overeating Eggs Can Increase The Risk Of Diabete

Few know that eating too many eggs might cause diabetes. Eggs are fatty and cholesterol-laden. Overeating promotes insulin resistance, which raises blood sugar and diabetes risk. 

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