Signs  and Symptoms of  Headache 


Some individuals may have an aura either prior to or during the onset of a migraine. Symptoms of the neurological system that can be reversed are known as auras.

In most cases, they are visual, although they may also involve other types of disruptions. In most cases, each symptom starts off slowly, gradually intensifies over the course of several minutes, and can linger for up to an hour.


Two or three days before a migraine, you might become aware of some minor changes that serve as a warning sign of an impending migraine, such as the following:


When left untreated, a migraine can persist anywhere from four to seventy-two hours. Each individual experiences migraines at a different frequency than the next. It is possible for migraines to occur infrequently or to occur multiple times per month.


You may feel tired, confused, and worn out for up to a day after a migraine. Some people say they are feeling very happy. If you move your head quickly, the pain might come back for a short time.

When to see a doctor

Migraines are commonly undetected and untreated. Keep track of your migraine attacks and treatments if you suffer them often. Talk to your doctor about your headaches.

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