Strawberry to Blueberry: 7 types of juicy berries 


Cranberries are sour-tasting red berries high in vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants.Wild cranberries grow on bog vines near ground level. Cranberries are used to make juice, preserves, and dried berries. 


Blueberries are the most popular dark-colored berries due to their juicy flesh and sweetness.Blueberries, like blackberries, are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Blueberry anthocyanins boost eye health, according to research. 


Huckleberries resemble blueberries and are often confused. They are also called bilberries and European blueberries in some areas.Wild huckleberries are rarely grown.


Chokeberry (Aronia berry) is a sour berry that looks like blueberries but is almost black.Chokeberries are bitter because of their tannins. Dry and bitter mouths can result from eating a few dark berries.


Elderberry is another healthful dark berry. Unlike many healthful berries, these little black fruits shouldn't be eaten fresh.Elderberries may be the healthiest berries. Elderberries are high in vitamins C and A and minerals. 


Gooseberries are tart, green berries that grow on tiny bushes.Gooseberries are among the sourest berries, while lemons are tangier. Different gooseberry shrubs yield red, purple, yellow, and white berries.


Lingonberries, another bitter red fruit, grow on little bushes.Small red berries are utilized in jams, syrups, compotes, and smoothies due to their tart taste. Vitamin C and trace minerals in them boost the nutritional value of numerous foods. 

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