Surprising Benefits of Drinking Coffee 

Improve overall health

In 2017, the BMJ published an analysis of roughly 220 coffee research that revealed coffee consumers may have more health benefits than non-drinkers.Coffee consumers were 17% less likely to die early from any cause, 19% less likely to die of heart disease.

Protect against Type 2 diabete

The 2014 Harvard Diabetologica study followed over 124,000 adults for 16–20 years.Over a four-year period, those who consumed more than a cup of coffee had an 11% lower risk of Type 2 diabetes, while those who consumed less had a 17% higher risk.

Control Parkinson's disease symptom

Several studies have shown that caffeine can reduce your risk of Parkinson's disease, and a 2012 American Academy of Neurology study found that a daily dose of caffeine equivalent to two eight-ounce cups of black coffee can help Parkinson's patients control their involuntary movements.

Slow the progress of dementia

Florida researchers examined caffeine levels in older persons with modest cognitive deficits, which can lead to severe dementia like Alzheimer's disease, in a 2012 Journal of Alzheimer's Disease study.

Safeguard the liver

Coffee reduces the incidence of liver cirrhosis, lowers liver enzyme levels, and limits liver scarring in hepatitis C patients, according to several recognized journal studies.

Promote heart health

A 2021 study in Circulation: Heart Failure by the American Heart Association found that drinking one or more cups of plain, caffeinated coffee daily reduced long-term heart failure risk. 

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