Symptoms  of a  Crick in the Neck 

Neck stiffness 

A feeling of constriction or a reduction in flexibility in your neck that makes it difficult to move your head in a comfortable manner.

Decreased neck mobility 

Because of the stiffness, it may become difficult for you to turn your head or tilt it to the side. Additionally, you may find it difficult to conduct typical neck movements.

Neck or shoulder discomfort 

You may have discomfort or a mild throbbing sensation in the neck area, especially when moving.It is possible that you will experience a dull aching or soreness in the region of your neck, especially when you move around.

Muscle knots or spasms 

One of the factors that contributes to the feeling of stiffness is the possibility that the muscles surrounding your neck and shoulders are strained or tight.

Radiating discomfort 

It is possible that you will have a minor soreness that travels from your neck to your shoulders or arms in certain instances.


There are times when tension headaches, particularly those that occur in the base of the skull, might be caused by stiffness in the neck.

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