The 7 Unhealthiest Ways to Cook Eggs 


The unhealthiest methods to cook eggs probably include frying. Basically, frying means heating things over high heat in oil or butter. Fried eggs are delightful (is there such a thing as an unappetizing fried food?), but they don't maximize an egg's nutritional worth. 


Eggs can be cooked healthily by boiling. Again, hard-boiled eggs should not be overcooked to lose their nutritious content. In another Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry study, boiling, frying, and microwaving eggs affected their antioxidant content.


Soft-boiling isn't the only way to prepare eggs, and it's clear to see why some prefer it to "hard-cooking" ways. High heat destroys egg nutrition and dries up the meal. The delicate balance between safely-cooked, nutritious, and moist eggs requires caution.


Microwave, yes. Is there a simpler kitchen appliance? Doubtful, but air fryers are challenging microwaves. Though not the healthiest or safest way to prepare eggs, microwaving them is not the worst. 


Unfortunately, one of the tastiest egg cooking methods is also the unhealthiest. Quiche, casserole, and soufflé use eggs as the main ingredient, but they also contain cheese, cream, and pie crust, which add calories, cholesterol, and other unhealthy ingredients.


Scrambling eggs depends on several elements that determine their healthiness. Many scrambling methods use oil and butter, which can degrade eggs' nutritional value. It is difficult to determine how long to cook unpasteurized eggs safely and properly,.


Millions love this nostalgic meal, which is a mainstay at picnics, potlucks, and other gatherings worldwide. It's hardly the healthiest way to eat eggs, but it's not the worst. 

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