The Best Chocolate Liqueur Brands 

Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur

Mozart began making chocolate liqueurs in 1979, before most bartenders and mixologists were interested in the category, selling attractive bottles as tourist trinkets in Salzburg. 

Hotel Chocolat Velvetised Chocolate Cream

Hotel Chocolat claims to be “the only chocolatier to run two bars,” so they may know how to pair chocolate and wine. This is supported by their NYISC Double Gold triumph. 

Vicario Cocoa Inferno Liqueur

With Cocoa Inferno, Janette Wesley and spirits historian Renato Vicario intended to explore the history of liquid chocolate, as they do with their floral liqueurs. Cocoa Inferno, a chocolate liqueur with Aztec influences, uses high-quality criollo chocolate and no emulsifiers. 

Tempus Fugit Crème De Cacao

Modern brand Tempus Fugit explores and revives rare and historical spirits. While there is no clear distinction between chocolate liqueur and crème de cacao per se, the latter is usually distilled from cocoa rather than combined with chocolate. 

OM Dark Chocolate And Sea Salt Liqueur

Michigan-based OM company, which stands for “Organic Mixology,” makes a popular Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Liqueur with numerous unique ingredients. The base alcohol is distilled from sugar cane.

Pennsylvania Dutch Chocolate Cream Liqueur

Pennsylvania Dutch is the first American cream liqueur brand. Cream liqueurs like Irish cream and amarula combine dairy cream with flavored spirits to make luscious liqueurs. 

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