Dancing dog

The first pose, "dancing dog," sounds like a lot of fun, but you don't need a happy dog to do it. Basically, start in downward dog, which is a pose that gives you energy, and move your body forward and backward until you reach plank position.

Hip opener

After that, go back to downward dog and lift one leg behind you. When you get to the top, bend the leg that is higher and bring the heel up toward the bum. Try to keep the front of your mat square with your shoulders.

Long lunge

Get into a low lunge position with your back leg straight behind you and your front foot right under your front knee. This will work your hips. Bend your straight leg so that your knee touches the ground, and then stretch out long. Do this for one minute, then switch legs.

Quad stretch

Kind pigeon pose is great for stretching the quads and legs because many of us have tight quads in the morning.Lie down in a lunge and put your back leg on the mat or towel. Bend your back knee and pull your heel toward your bum. 

Walking plank

Set up a plank and move one leg up next to and outside of your hand on the same side. This will warm up your abs and whole body. The pose you will be in is like a lunge. From here, reach your same-side arm up toward the sky. Lower it and do the pose again with the other leg.

Straddle stretch

To end, stretch your legs in a V-shape in front of you and flex and point your feet many times to energize your feet and legs.You can stretch further by extending your hands in front of you and breathing deeply.

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