This LAQ workout strengthens quadriceps

Straight Leg Raise

Straight leg raises are a simple quad workout. The method is here.Lay down on your back.Your non-injured leg's knee should be bent 90 degrees. Keep your foot flat. Avoid bending your other knee. Point toes up.

Short Arc Quads

The short arc quad exercise helps you contract your quadriceps appropriately. Do it this way:On your back. Use a yoga block or basketball to support your knee.Straighten your bowed knee slowly.

Wall Slides

Wall slides work quads, glutes, and hamstrings. Do it this way:Straighten up with your back against a wall and feet shoulder-width apart.Bend your knees to 45 degrees by sliding your back down the wall for five counts.

Chair Pose

It may look like a simple yoga pose, but the chair pose can be very good for building the quads and lower back. When held for longer amounts of time, the pose can be hard for even bodybuilders.

Terminal Knee Extensions

In a standing stance, terminal knee extension (TKE) is a simple but effective way to work out your quads. The TKE is a type of functional training. Your quads will get stronger as they hold your body weight.


Not only does the step-up work out the quads, but it also works out the hamstrings and gluteal muscles (hips and buttocks).For this move, you need a stable box, platform, or bench that you can use to step on and off of.

Split Squat

You can strengthen one leg and stretch the other with the split squat, which is a great quad exercise. It will also make you more stable overall. If it makes you feel better, you can do this exercise on a mat or a smooth floor.

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