Tips  for  treating  a cold 

Drink lots of fluids 

Drinking a lot of water can help thin your mucus, which makes it easier to clear out of your nose and sinuses.2. Drinking fluids can also help keep the nasal membranes moist, which can help get rid of that dry feeling in your nose.

Drink warm liquids 

Warm liquids soothe colds, but fluids are great too. Medicated hot drinks soothe inflamed nose and throat membranes, relieving cough and sore throat symptoms.4 Dissolve a package of Vicks FluTherapy SEVERE Day-to-Day for cold symptoms such nasal congestion.

Sleep it off

To rest and heal, your body needs to sleep. Scientists have found that while you sleep, your body makes proteins known as cytokines. These are helpful in fighting off infections and swelling.


Do not stress out too much, so your body can work on keeping your defense system strong. Taking breaks every day to meditate can help you stay calm and reduce stress: For a few minutes (or longer if you can), close your eyes and remember to breathe.

Use saline nasal drops and sprays 

Sinex Saline Ultra Fine Nasal Mist can reduce cold congestion.A saline nasal spray keeps nasal passages open by washing off heavy or dried mucus, making liquid mucus drain faster.

Use a neti pot 

A neti pot helps remove nasal debris and mucous. A neti pot is designed to remove mucus. Bend your head sideways over the sink, place the neti pot spout in the upper nostril, pour saltwater into it, and let it drip down your lower nose.

Gargle saltwater 

Cold sore throats can be relieved by gargling with salt water. Use ¼ to ½ teaspoon of salt in an 8-ounce glass of warm water.7 Your throat tissues lose fluids through the high-salt barrier.

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