Top 4  Core Exercises That Burn Fat Fast 

Mountain Climbers 

Mountain climbers make your core and whole body work. Also, they are a type of aerobics, which means that they make your heart beat faster.Set yourself up in a standing position to begin. Put your arms up above your head to do this.

Picture yourself in the "up" position of a pushup. Don't forget to keep your back straight and your hips tucked in a little. Both hands should be on the floor and your arms should be shoulder-width apart.

Lying Leg Raises 

Your lower abs will get stronger with this exercise, and you don't have to hold yourself up. Instead, lie on your back with your feet together and your legs stretched out. Put your palms down on either side of your body.

Slowly bring your legs together. For best results, make sure they are straight up and down from the floor. Before putting both legs back on the floor, hold for one or two seconds. It's best to do this for at least 10 to 15 times.


A lot of the time, crunches come to mind when people think of workouts for the lower abs. You can work out both your upper and lower abs with these low-impact moves. 

Since they don't burn many calories, they probably won't help you lose weight. You should start with these, though, if you want to get stronger abs.Spread your legs out in front of you and bend your knees. Place your feet on the ground.

Scissor Kicks 

This is like laying leg raises. Instead of lifting both legs, you lift one.Lay on your back with legs extended and feet together. Support your body with palms-down hands on either side or beneath your buttocks. Raise your shoulders and head. Then raise your legs.

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