What  do  deadlifts work? 

Activate your hip extensor

Deadlifts are great hip extensor workouts. The gluteus maximus and hamstring complex are hip extensors that are often targeted in fitness programs due to their practical utility and cosmetic attractiveness.

Reduce lower back pain

People all over the world complain about lower back pain all the time.There are many reasons for lower back pain, and each one needs a different treatment. However, study shows that deadlifts can help reduce or even cure mild mechanical low back pain.

Improve jump performance

Jumping is an important skill for many sports and fun activities, and how well you can jump often shows how strong your lower body is getting overall.Plus, the extra power that comes from being able to jump can be used for other high-power activities, like running.

Improve bone mineral density

Aging causes bone mineral density loss, a major health risk for older persons.Advanced bone mineral density loss causes osteoporosis, which dramatically increases older persons' fracture risk. Fractures can cause a chain of mobility-related health issues.

Activate your core

Well-rounded fitness programs include trunk and core training.Deadlifts and other free-weight workouts stimulate and strengthen spine-stabilizing muscles like the external oblique, rectus abdominis, and erector spinae, according to study.

Boost your metabolism

Fitness programs often aim to lose weight. To lose weight, especially body fat, you must burn more calories than you eat.Traditional weight loss techniques trim calories and burn calories through exercise.

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