What Happens to Your  Body if You  Eat Cashews Daily 

Your Complexion Will Improve

Copper and antioxidants in cashews benefit skin. Copper and other enzymes generate collagen, which promotes skin suppleness, while antioxidants decrease aging. A handful of raw cashews contains these chemicals, found in many popular skincare treatments.

Your Immune System Will Be Boosted

Zinc supplements, which boost immune system cell growth, may help you avoid a cold. Cashews include zinc, which boosts immunity and antioxidant enzymes.

Your Bones Will Gain Strength

Copper and magnesium should be taken daily to prevent osteoporosis and bone degradation. Copper helps build bones and connective tissue, and magnesium improves calcium absorption. 

You Will Avoid Eye Infection

You may not know that antioxidants protect your eyes in several ways. Antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin protect your retinas from UV radiation, environmental illnesses, and poor eyesight. Cashews include eye-healthy lutein and zeaxanthin.

You Won’t Get Migraine

Those who have experienced migraines know they can be debilitating and would do anything to prevent them. It seems out cashews may help. In addition to high blood pressure and chronic pain, magnesium deficiency can trigger migraines. 

Your Teeth Will Stay Healthier

The anacardic acids in cashews are good for your teeth, even though acids sound like they would be bad for them. There are acids that can kill gram-positive bacteria. These bacteria are known to cause cavities and other problems, like acne.

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