When to  walk  for Best health ? 

Walking in the Morning

If you get up early, you can fit a morning workout in. Reasons to do it:Go for a 45-minute brisk walk in the morning to reduce your hunger and avoid weight gain.

Working out around 7 a.m. can improve your body clock. Make sure you get enough sleep each night by being more active in the morning and falling asleep sooner.Morning exercise helps promote healthy habits, according to this American Psychological Association article.

Walking in the Evening

If you're not an early riser or busy in the morning, nighttime exercise may work for you. Evening walks provide several benefits:Research suggests evening exercise helps lower blood sugar.

A post-dinner walk improves digestion, according to research.After a hard day, a nighttime walk helps you unwind. You can clear your head and spend time with family on a 30-minute walk.

How About an Afternoon Walk?

You can also walk in the afternoon. However, not everyone can afford this. The reason:Midday walks depend on professional activity, luncheon, or work breaks. Some folks can't sneak in a walk.

Clothing may be an issue, especially if your workplace has a dress code. A quick walk requires comfortable clothes and shoes.Afternoon heat can be extreme in summer. Avoid exercising during the hottest hours.

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