Which doughnut you should eat  based  on your  zodiac sign 


They like strong tastes and taking big steps in life. When it comes to doughnuts, the cinnamon-sugar doughnut might be their favourite. It warms my heart that sweet and spicy tastes go together so badly.


They really love food and enjoy simple, tasty things. In terms of the donut, they could end up with a simple but tasty doughnut filled with melted chocolate cream.


It may sound strange, but they can't have both at the same time. For them to enjoy food, it takes more than just a taste. They might like the taste of a doughnut and a croissant together as a sign of the twin.


They spend a lot of time in nature and try to enjoy every taste of the season. It seems like they'll pick any new seasonal taste, and for doughnuts, it could be pumpkin spice.


They try to enjoy life and when they're feeling stressed, they eat foods that taste good and make them feel good. Toasted-coconut doughnuts might make them feel good and calm.


They care a lot about their health, and it shows in the food they choose. If you take them to a doughnut shop, they'll probably choose a traditional doughnut that you can bite into.

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