Which zodiac sign divorces most Astrologers expose all 


Aries and Libra may lust. This feeling can lead to marriage, but they may confront major obstacles.Astrologer Anna Toonk tells Bustle, "Aries and Libra can be all sparks and passion at first but must work on communication to avoid problems."


"These astrological opposites are naturally drawn towards each other, as they both enjoy growing together — and yes, their sparky sexual connection bonds them," Stardust. "Both signs are fixed, therefore problems occur.


Both inquiring and high-minded, Gemini and Pisces may be drawn together. Their different communication styles may ruin a relationship.


Opposites may not keep Cancer and Capricorn together forever. Their common enemy may break them apart."Cancer and Capricorn initially provide to one another what the other lacks, but if there isn’t appreciation for differences this pair encounters problems,


Sometimes love and hate mix. Later in the relationship, Leo and Aquarius' passion might become a battleground when their shared interests become contentious.


Virgo and Sagittarius may clash when exploring the unknown."Virgo finds divine in detail," says Stardust. "Whereas Sagittarius meets the devil there." If they can compromise, this pair can thrive, but their divergent views of the big picture can hinder their relationship.

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