Your zodiac sign determines  who your  "Idol" character is 


Andrew Finkelstein is all Aries—hot-headed, with a red sports vehicle, a fast tongue, a sharp haircut, and no f–k.Who but Martian-ruled cardinal fire arrives at their famous client's house minutes after a controversy with money on the mind and an axe to grind?


As Taurus rules the throat, Izaak's voice sounds like sex sweat soaking into silk sheets.Izaak, played by Moses Sumney, reveals that rat ting Svengali Tedros pushed him further than he believed possible.


Xander, played by real-life Gemini Troye Sivan, shows Gemini's less stellar/fool proof traits by signing away his talent and selling allegiance like yesterday's pants.Xander, a former child star who wants to be acknowledged, validated, and appreciated, talks big but acts tiny.


Cancer plays Destiny, Jocelyn's co-manager and mother. Da'Vine Joy Randolph plays the surrogate mother.She protects Joc passionately and wisely advises creep machine Tedros be killed to avert harm, calming her.


Dyanne, played by Jennie Kim, lives for the spotlight and applause, even if it means jumping over the body of a friend who gave her a chance. She shines, dances, and steps into the spotlight, even if it means doing so over the friend who gave her a chance.


IRL Virgo played Rachel Sennott, Leia is Jocelyn's curtain-opening, crisis-managing, changeable voice of reason, and argyle answer to her employer's underboob if you.

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