Zodiac Signs' Biggest Relationship Flaws 


Aries, you're powerful and independent. However, extreme autonomy might be your downfall. You're a wonderful leader, but sometimes you treat your partner like a follower in relationships. 


Everyone knows Tauruses are obstinate. People sometimes don't realise that change resistance affects your emotions. Taurus is reliable. Peace and harmony are desired. 


Do Geminis ever run away from their feelings? Never! As you can see, that was sarcastic. Geminis are known for doing this repeatedly without noticing. 


Cancers opening their hearts is amazing, especially after you must first gain their trust through their thick shell. Cancer, when you reach that point, you open up completely! This may be cathartic for you and your partner. 


You're hot like the Sun, Leo (and you adore it!). Good times make you wonderful. To avoid being seen as down, you keep your chin up when things is okay. During stressful times, you might be messy. 


You fix up the zodiac. Naturally, you don't need all the attention. Your mantra is "I can fix them!" Dating someone involves like their personality.Eventually, you notice minor behaviors that annoy you. 

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